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If you're already a registered eBay user, you can find out more by going to this page eBay Treasure Hunt. The treasure hunt looks easy because 4 people already won yesterday and today. I only found out about this contest today and when I got to the contest page, someone already found the treasure for today. I'll try my luck tomorrow.



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8th Sinelab Workshop Series starts on May 24


Workshop Outline : 8 Sessions

I. Alternative Material, Outline, Treatment and Script Development and Management (Narrative) ( 3 Sessions) reel

STEP ONE : THE VISION AND THE ARTISTIC MODEL Transforming the abstract into a working model

STEP TWO : FORMULATING AN IDEA An idea is a basic unit in constructing a working concept.

STEP THREE : BUILDING A CONCEPT The idea is the seed of the material while the concept is the cradle of the idea.

STEP FOUR : CONSTRUCTING THE PREMISE The premise has two components namely the character and the story. The said components operate within the structure of the premise. Often, the logline or pitching line comes from the premise. STEP FIVE : CONSTRUCTING THE OUTLINE The outline has 8 major parts called movements.

STEP SIX : THE SEQUENCE TREATMENT The sequence treatment bridges the outline and the script. The treatment determines how many sequences will it take to execute a movement.

The script is made-up of 7 major parts.
The script has 5 elements.
A. Structural Direction of A Scene
B. Types of Scenes
C. Visual Devices
II Alternative Production
(5 Sessions)
1. -what is your project/genre?
2. -financial capability
3. -requirements
4. -production staff/hierarchy
5. -responsibilities
6. -logistics
7. -terms used
1. -pre-production process
2. -production process
3. -post production
1. -scheduling
2. -traffic
3. -getting the right crew/supplier
4. -transportation
5. -food
6. -production design/props
7. -casting
• actual pre-production
• actual production
• actual post production

Quezon City
Starts May 24
Saturdays : 8 Sessions : Fee - 6,000 pesos
For Registration: Please indicate full name and contact number
mobile phone : 09215081060
Note that the fee of 6,000 pesos covers both Material and Script Development & Management and Alternative Production. This is our commitment at Sinelab to come up with a complete basic package at a reasonable fee. Furthermore, there are two payment schemes under the workshop.
1. You can pay the full fee on the first day of the workshop.
2. Installment Scheme / You can pay 50% of the fee on the 1st day. 25% on the 2nd day and 25% 3rd day.


Recycling rancid oil

I have been away from home for a couple of months so it was just a couple of weeks ago that I found out that my beloved city of Marikina has started collecting used cooking oil separately from all the garbage. I'm not sure just how often they do this thoughfrytank and I started wondering what they do with it. Possibly, they are just collecting it to be disposed off properly. Before, many households have a habit of throwing away used oil through canals. As we all know, pouring it down the drain might make the plumbing clogged when the oil solidifies so people tend to throw it outside of their homes directly into the sewage system. But this practice does come with its negative effects. Eventually, sewage water goes to our rivers and streams causing them to be polluted.

I wonder if the Waste Management Office recycles those rancid cooking oils. If they recycle those and turned them into biodiesel, they could use it to fuel the vehicles that the city government owns. Marikina has been known to invest in recycling machineries and has saved the city government a lot of money in the long run. A few months back the city government purchased a composting machine that turns the garbage collected from the market into compost.

If they could afford to buy one, they could certainly afford to invest in research and training of people who could run a biodiesel production plant. In the United States, there are home-brew operations that recycle used cooking oils into biofuel. Since this is a fairly new practice, there are no environmental standards and safety precautions that could standardize the process. There are a lot of fast foods and restaurants in Marikina and I'm sure they would be more than willing to get rid of their used cooking oils so that it could be made into biofuels, and in turn take part in the development of the city. This could certainly benefit everyone in the long run.

The scientific community has sent alarms over the years about the possibility of depleting oil reserves in the near future. It's about time that we look into alternative sources of fuel.


Journalists to mark World Press Freedom Day with flowers and songs

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) and other media groups will celebrate World Press Freedom Day on May 3 by offering flowers at the National Shrine of Marcelo H. del Pilar in the morning and hosting a jamming session by members of media in the evening.

NUJP decided to honor Del Pilar, editor of the revolutionary paper La Solidaridad, to emphasize the need for journalists not to forget the past, particularly periods of history during which media played a very important role to defend freedom and democracy.

Among the news organizations that will offer "Press Freedom wreaths" are NUJP, Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility, Philippine Press Institute, ABC 5 and Philippine Daily Inquirer.
NUJP plans to make the wreath-laying at the Del Pilar shrine, located in Bulacan, Bulacan, a yearly activity. The program will start at 8 a.m.

Meanwhile, the jamming session, dubbed "Pa-imPRESS ka JAM", will be held at the Freedom Bar in Anonas St. cor. Aurora Blvd. in Quezon and will start at 8 p.m. Among the performers will be: veteran journalist Pete Lacaba, Inday Espina (Philippine Graphic), Cesar Apolinario (GMA7), Alwyn Alburo (GMA7), Ruth Cabal (GMA7), Raffy Tima (GMA7), Cecil Lardizabal (ABS-CBN), Jiggy Manicad (GMA7), Edwin Bacasmas (Inquirer), Mark Salazar (GMA7), Cherry Mercado (ABC5), Jason Torres (ABC5), Daniel Razon (UNTV), AR Sabangan (GMA News.tv) and Alex Remollino (Bulatlat.com).

To read poems on press freedom are Inquirer publisher Isagani Yambot, Ramil Gulle of ABS-CBN, Iris Gonzales of Philippine Star, Marlon Ramos of Inquirer and Richard Gappi of Manila East Watch/Neo-Angono.
Rowena Paraan (09104950095)
Joe Torres Jr. (09209010013)