Recycling Waste Market

The Recycling Waste Market will be back again in SM North starting March 1, 2008. The SM Supermalls' Recycle Market has finally come to SM North! Turn your trash into cash (or exchange them for something useful) every first Saturdays of the month, from 8AM to 12NN at the open parking next to the former Super Sale Club building. Bring along whatever trash you can find and sell them.

The price offers aren't that high, but it's better than just getting rid of your trash for nothing and not having them recycled.We shouldn't go there for the money but for the fact that we have a chance to recycle properly. Saving the environment is a community effort, and everything counts. Hopefully, accessible recycle markets/centers would become a permanent fixture not just in SM or other malls, but everywhere. We really, really need them!

For those interested, here's the price list (subject to change):
Paper (price per kilo)
Old newspaper - 5.00White paper - 8.50Assorted paper - 1.50Old books / magazines - 2.00Carton (corrugated) - 4.00Plastic (per kilo)
PET (clean/washed) - 22.00PET (dirty) - 17.00Hard plastic - 17.00Cup, spoon, fork - 10.00PVC tubings - 2.00Softdrink straw - 5.00Metal (per kilo)
Scrap iron (bakal) - 11.00Packaging cans (lata) - 5.00Metal sheets (tapalodo/yero) - 9.00Precious metal (per kilo)
Aluminum cans - 50.00Aluminum - 60.00Bronze - 150.00Copper - 200.00Bottles (per piece)
Gin - 0.50Catsup (small or big) -
0.20Lapad (Emperador) - 0.20Long neck (Emperador/Tanduay) - 1.00Softdrinks/Beer/Grande - 1.00Softdrinks (1 liter) - 2.00Bubog (clear empty bottles) - 0.50/kiloBatteries - 21.60/kilo
Electronics (per kilo unless otherwise stated)
CPU, complete - 160.00/unitCPU, no HDD/RAM - 100/unitCRT monitor, colored, 14", 15", 17" - 35.00/unitPrinter, fax scanner, old appliances and other office equipment - 5.00Motherboard/PC cards/Telecom cards - 90.00Printer boards/med grade boards/hard disk - 20.00Power boards/monitor boards - 5.00Floppy drive/CDROM/Power supply - 12.00CPU case/metal - 4.00Wires/cables - 15.00CDs - 12.00Christmas light wires - 3.00Aircon (complete unit) - 200.00/unitCRT Monitors, 19" and up; TV, any size, complete parts -
20.00Monochrome monitor and B/W TV sets, complete units - no value but will pick it upOil (per liter)
Cooking - 6.00Engine / car - 6.00Hydrolic - 8.00Doy packs - 0.05 per piece
Styrofoam - no value but you can give them for proper disposal


Php 8000 for a brand new laptop?

elonex-one-top A 99 British Pound laptop is set to be released in the market on February 28. It's a new budget computer targeted for school children and teenagers. That's roughly $200 or P8000 based on the current exchange rates. It's certainly cheaper than most Cellphone models in the market today.

Called the One, it can be used as a traditional notebook computer or, with the screen detached from the keyboard, as a portable “tablet”. Wi-fi technology lets users access the internet or swap music (and homework) files between computers wirelessly.

Personal files can be stored on the laptop's 1GB built in memory or on a tough digital wristband that children can plug into the USB Socket of whichever computer they happen to be using. The One runs on Linux, an open source software which is a rival to Windows but is completely free to use. Of course, this has it's drawbacks. It's not as slick and easy to use as Windows. But this is also why the One is so cheap. It includes a free word processor and spreadsheet, a free web browser and free email software. It has a 7 inch screen, similar to those portable DVD players. It has no CD drive.

It also has preloaded programs ranging from instant messaging softwares, photo editor, games and an MP3 player. It weighs less than a kilo and has a 3 hour battery life. It's part of the One Laptop per Child Project that UK has adopted from USA. For every One unit bought, Elonex will be donating a unit to a kid from an underdeveloped country. I wonder if they consider the Philippines as underdeveloped.

A lot of 2nd hand laptops can also be bought at that price, and I wonder if which one would be more advisable to purchase. I mean, usually, I would recommend getting the brand new one because of the warranty. Although judging by its specs, some 2nd hand laptops have better specifications in terms of memory. But this one has WiFi which makes connectivity easier.

I guess I shouldn't be thinking much of that for now. We're not even sure if it would be available here. But if it would be locally distributed, I would highly consider getting one for my little sister. A laptop sure is a handy tool for students especially now that there are a lot of WiFi hotspots available. My little sister wants a PSP for her graduation present but I'm thinking a laptop will be a better one.

I previously wanted to get her an Asus Eeg. After all, Asus is a more prominent name than the lesser known Elonex. and for a few hundred dollars more, this has better specs. It's till a few weeks until her graduation. So, I'm still gonna take my time to think this over.


Fruits in Iligan

On my first semestral break here in Iligan, I was excited to go home and bring pasalubong to my family in Manila. The problem was, what was I gonna bring. The only thing I can think of was Durian (which was cheap and available almost everywhere) and lanzones from Camiguin. It was lanzones season then so I didn't have any trouble finding good ones. When I brought it back home, everybody raved about the sweet yet cheap lanzones. I initially intended to bring mangosteen too, but I seem to have missed out on the mangosteen season. I was told that the next harvest would be sometime in December. I was disappointed of course, because my brother Chou loves mangosteen. I also bought pomelo which was also cheap here.

Durian costs around P35-50 per kilo. A medium sized durian costs roughly P150. That's already cheap considering small ones sell for as much as P200 in supermarkets in Manila. I bought the lanzones for only P20 per kilo. It was small, firm and ultimately sweet. The lanzones from Camiguin are very different from the usual ones in Manila that are harvested in Laguna. The pomelo costs P25 per kilo.

Another fruit that I found in abundance here was Marang. It's my first time to have seen one and also the first time I've tasted one. It costs P10 - 20 a piece. Basically, most of the fruits that are sold here are either grown in Marawi, Bukidnon, Davao or Camiguin. There are also those imported fruits from China like apples and ponkans. There really isn't much variety in fruits here. Probably because the people tend not to splurge on fruits.


Badminton Tournament for a Cause

Members of the CFC-Singles for Christ (San Mateo Chapter), a ministry of the Couples for Christ, working as volunteer-facilitators for the Child and Youth Development programs (SAGIP & SIGA) of Gawad Kalinga (GK). GK provides a support program for children of elementary age, from 7 to 12 years old through the program called SAGIP, which means “to save a life” in the Filipino language. The SIGA program, meanwhile, provides a strong youth rehabilitation program where juvenile delinquents are provided with a range of activities and counseling sessions to help them live productive lives without committing them to rehab institutions. SIGA in the Filipino language means “to light.”

The community has upcoming conferences and activities which will help enrich the lives of the Gawad Kalinga kids. In line with this, they are inviting you to be part of an event that will help raise the funds needed to support the program’s activities. A badminton tournament, “Smash for a Cause” will be held on March 15, 2008, from 2 to 6pm in the afternoon. This will be held at Tibulong Badminton Court and Restaurant, along the highway of Nangka, Marikina City. Registration will be 160 pesos per pair. They will be giving out tokens of appreciation as prizes to the winners. Registration is through text and deadline is until March 09, 2008. The event is open to all SFC and non-SFC members who are badminton enthusiasts, beginners and everyone who wants to have fun and share their blessings at the same time.
For more details and registration, you may contact Dave Halili (0920-8453134/997-0703) or Mitzie Epino (0919-8823935)



I've recently read an article from the Inquirer about Pinakurat. You can find the article here.

When faced with the dilemma of pasalubong, I realized there aren't many food specialties here in Iligan. Food quality here is what I would rate as "average". I first saw Pinakurat in the grocery but I didn't bother buying one. I didn't find anything special with spiced cane vinegar. The only time I got to taste one was when our landlady bought a bottle to go with the fried fish we were having for lunch once.

What I tasted was not your ordinary vinegar with spices. The spices really blended well and enhanced the vinegar. It was just like what it's name implies. Pinakurat - with surprise. The taste was unexpected and catches first-time tasters off guard. It was good and complemented well, enhanced the ordinary fried fish.

When I went home that semestral break, I brought home a Pinakurat. It was just a small bottle that costs P25. When I got to Manila, I found a similar bottle in Robinson's Supermarket. It costs P65.

In our family, only my dad and I enjoy spiced foods. Siling labuyo and Tabasco is only a staple at home when my dad is there. Naturally, I was the only one who enjoyed having my daing na bangus dipped in Pinakurat. I've been wanting to send my dad a bottle but I forgot to bring a bottle home last Christmas. Besides, as expected, my uncle's baggage was wayyyyy over their limit.


RA 9492

Republic Act No. 9492


2008 Holidays

Monday, February 25 EDSA Revolution Anniversary  - supposed long weekend

March 20 Maundy Thursday
March 21 Good Friday
March 22 Black Saturday
March 23 Easter Sunday

LONG WEEKEND!!!! Monday, April 7 Araw ng Kagitingan
(in lieu of April 9)

LONG WEEKEND!!!! Monday, May 5 Labor Day
(in lieu of May 1)

LONG WEEKEND!!!! Monday, June 16 Independence Day
(in lieu of June 12)

LONG WEEKEND!!!! Monday, August 25 Ninoy Aquino Day
(in lieu of August 21 & concurrent with National Heroes Day)

October __ : Eid'l Fitr
(to be confirmed by the OMA: Office of Muslim Affairs)

November 1, All Saints Day
(shiyet, it falls on a Saturday!)

LONG WEEKEND!!!! Monday, December 1 Bonifacio Day
(in lieu of Nov. 30)

and the grandmomma of all long weekends,
a 12-day extravaganza of a

Wednesday, December 24 Official Last-Minute Shopping Holiday
(declared by Spanky H. Enriquez)

Thursday, December 25 Christmas Day
(declared by GOD)

Friday, December 26
(do you really think Pinoys will go to work on this day?)

Saturday, December 27
Sunday, December 28

Monday, December 29 Rizal Day
(in lieu of December 30)

Tuesday, December 30
(see Friday, December 26 for reference)

Wednesday, December 31, Last Day of the Year Holiday
(declared by GMA)

Thursday, January 1, 2009 is still a holiday...

Friday, January 2
(seriously, no one intends to work on this day!)

Saturday, January 3
Sunday, January 4


PPP lowers requirements

Payperpost recently revised their TOS and now allows blogs of only 30 days to submit and be approved. This is certainly good news especially to new bloggers. I just resubmitted my main blog and I'm crossing my fingers right now. I really can't rely on ads to generate a substantial amount of money from this blog. Sponsored posts generate me more income. I haven't been receiving any offers from Smorty. As of now the only service that gives me writing jobs is SponsoredReviews. Some guy is offering me profit sharing to write for his website.

Oh well, at least I'm getting some right?


Blogger in Filipino

Blogger is now available in Filipino. Funny, I don't see anything special about it. Well except the recognition that Filipinos are a force to reckon with in the blogging community. People who generalize our countrymen as stupid should think twice because if our A-list bloggers become millionaires they'll replace GMA and make Philippines a very prrty country. lol. Anyway, here's the actual post.


Valley of chrome's Never the Lifeless Album launch

After much delay, they are finally launching the follow up album to the highly successful Love and Devotion. Rock out with these guys on March 1, 2008 at Atchies Bar, El Pueblo in Ortigas Center. It's a few blocks away from Megamall and around 10 cartwheels away from Podium, a little way past St. Francis Square.

Other bands playing are

April Morning Skies
Too Late The Hero
plus surprise guests!
with fun and games for the whole family!

They're also asking everyone to bring plastic toy guns and swords as they will be recreating scenes from 300 and the EDSA revolution. Jordy as a Spartan? Hmm, must be worth seeing. Just play along and bring those darned plastic toys will ya? They're rock stars so we probably should just follow them lest we want them to go diva on us. Lol!


Cosplay 101


Title: COSPLAY 1 on 1
Learning and Experience Cosplay in a Filipino Way
When: March 24 to April 18, 2008
April 21 to May 15, 2008
Where: Teatro Marikina, Marikina City
• 12 Day sessions with a graduation plus a Certificate of appreciation.
• Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
• Know Cosplay and experience it.
• Learn how to make Weapons, Costumes, Arts and Crafts and etc..
• Meet new friends and learn / work as a team.
• Workshops.
• And many more …
• To enhance the ability of a person to work individually and as a group.
• To develop creativity of each person by making a unique and personalized piece / costumes.
• To enhance resourcefulness by making a one of a kind piece / costumes like rubber sheets and out of some scarp / recyclable materials.
• To develop a sense of responsibility and discipline towards work.
• To boost talent of each individual and educate people on how unique the “COSPLAY WORLD” is.
Who may participate?
• Any Individuals who wants to experience and learn Cosplay in a Pilipino Way.
• 13 Yrs. Old and Above
Via Enrollment
• 2 pcs. 1x1 ID Picture or 2 pcs. 2x2 ID Picture
• Enrollment fee P 1000
On Workshop Sessions:
• Professional Cutter or Knife Cutter
• Extra Blades of Cutter
• Rulers (Very Long and medium to short )
• Pencils
• Pencil Sharpener
• Big Scissors (Good enough to cut Rubber Sheets)
• Tape Measure
• Notebook
• 5 – 8 Different Colors of 6mm w/ design Rubber Sheets (45 x 47 short)
• 3 – 5 pcs. Of Triple 888 Greco
• Hoop and Loop
• Rug Bee
Other Courses:
Baby Ballet 1
3-6 yrs. Old
8:00 – 9:00 am / MWF
Facilitator: Maeh Anne Cerdiño
Baby Ballet 2
7-10 yrs. Old
9:10 – 10:10 am / MWF
Facilitator: Maeh Anne Cerdiño
Modern Dance
7-12 yrs. Old
8:00 – 9:00 am / MWF
Facilitator: John Paul Jordan
Children’s Theater 1
4-7 yrs. Old
9:10 – 10:10 am / MWF
Facilitator: Kristine Marie Santillan
Children’s Theater 2
8-12 yrs. Old
10:10 – 12:10 nn / MWF
Facilitator: Rico Abayon
Street Dancing / Hip Hop
13 and Above
1:00 – 2:30 pm / MWF
Facilitator: Joy G. Pagaduan
Jazz 1
7 – 12 yrs. Old
10:30 – 12:00 nn / MWF
Facilitator: Maeh Anne Cerdiño
Jazz 2
13 and above
1:30 – 3:00 pm / MWF
Facilitator: Maeh Anne Cerdiño
Voice Lesson 1
7 – 12 yrs. Old
9:30 – 10:00 am / MWF
Facilitator: Jeffrey Hernandez
Voice Lesson 2
13 and above
10:10 – 12:10 nn
Facilitator: Jeffrey Hernandez
13 and above
5:30 – 7:00 pm / MWF
Facilitator: Antonio Labutap
Teen Theater
13 and above
3:10 – 5:10 pm / MWF
Facilitator: Alvin Veneracion
Arts and Crafts (kids)
3 -7 yrs. Old
8:30 – 9:30 am / TTHS
Facilitator: Michelle Buenaventura, Michael Ogsila, Ronald de Guzman
“Cosplay 1 on 1” Arts and Crafts (adult)
13 and above
10:00 – 12:00 nn / TTHS
Facilitator: Mark David Cerezo
Creative Writing (kids)
7-12 yrs. Old
8:30 – 9:30 am / TTHS
Facilitator: Ricky Ornopia
Basic Drawing
4-7 yrs. Old
9:00 – 10:30 am / MWF
Facilitator: Isagani Fuentes
Advanced Drawing
8 – 12 yrs. Old
9:00 – 10:30 am / MWF
Facilitator: Roland Santos
7 – 12 yrs. Old
1:00 – 2:00 pm / TTHS
Facilitator: Donato Subang
7 – 12 yrs. Old
1:00 – 2:00 pm / TTHS
Facilitator: Sonny Santos
Bass Guitar
7 – 12 yrs. Old
2:10 – 3:10 pm / TTHS
Facilitator: Teofilo Santos
7 – 12 yrs. Old
2:10 – 3:10 pm / TTHS
Facilitator: Edgardo Labrado
7 – 12 yrs. Old
2:10 – 3:10 pm / TTHS
Facilitator: Sonny Santos
7 – 12 yrs. Old
1:00 – 2:00 pm / TTHS
Facilitator: Noel Gomez
7 – 12 yrs. Old
2:10 – 3:10 pm / TTHS
Facilitator: Rustico Cruz


Rebirth of 6UG

After a number of rumors, I can finally confirm that 6Underground will have its rebirth at Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, in Pasig City (near Univ. of Asia & the Pacific). After much deliberation, we decided to reopen it due to a number of opportunities that presented themselves to us that will better promote indie and alternative artists and help our rock industry as a whole. We had often been challenging ourselves to better our features and not be limited to being a bar (2 albums, prepaid cards, mixed martial arts, media tie-ups, etc.). We will reveal our new offerings as time goes by. J

Now called 6UG Live & Raw (as a tribute to our live album under Warner Music), the bar will have its soft launch come this Thursday, Feb. 21 with Plastic Baloo, Publico, Jab, and my band The Amandas. Only 3-4 bands will play a night to give them much exposure. Beer will only be at P30. The rest of the sched this week is as follows:

Feb. 22, Fri: Imbuenokudos, Teenage Hero, & Subscapular

Feb. 23, Sat: Muziklaban Champs – Gayuma, Sunflower Daycamp, & 18th Issue

If you are a fan of these bands, I suggest you come in your best rock attire and support them. I can only explain further once you visit the new venue.

Thanks and see you live and raw! :)

-From the 6UG Management


2007's most anticipated indie films

ENDO by Jade Castro

“For its revealing take on the lives of ’end of contract’ casual workers in the retail and service sector, and for its subtle and moving rendering of a love story amid an otherwise deprived social milieu, pitting romance against economics, drawing out both winners and losers, gainers and losers, hope and heartbreak.”

winner, Grand Jury Prize, Cinemalaya 2007

winner, Best Actress, Cinemalaya 2007

winner, Best Editing, Cinemalaya 2007

Festival des 3 Continents 2007, Official Selection

Ina Feleo left us speechless, especially in the part where she dances before her flame Jason Abalos under the flicker of neon. Could be one of the great moments of RP cinema, understated yet with enough compassion for the saleslady character she¡¯s playing.¡±

-Juaniyo Arcellana, the Philippine Star

Endo is short for the term "End of Contract", or what temporary workers call their last day at work. Endo is the story of Leo, a typical Filipino who earns a living for himself and his family by hopping from one contractual job to the next. Be it fast food, grocery, and department stores. His relationships with women are similarly fleeting. When he meets the spirited Tanya, he is suddenly faced by the promise of a better future, but he doesn't seem equipped to handle it. The story depicts a nation where money, dreams and love are elusive.

Now showing at SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM Manila, SM Southmall, SM Fairview, SM Centerpoint, Glorietta 4, Gateway Mall

SELDA by Paolo Villaluna and Ellen Ramos

winner, Best Actor, Sid Lucero, Gawad Tanglaw

winner, Best Supporting Actor, Emilio Garcia, Gawad Tanglaw

winner, Best Supporting Actor, Michael De Mesa, Gawad Tanglaw

winner, Best Cinematography, Gawad Tanglaw

winner Best Editing, Gawad Tanglaw

A gem of a daring work."

-Clodualdo Del Mundo, scriptwriter, Batch 81, Kisapmata

Quite versed in the nuances of cinematic language…somber and substantial…a solid and darkly potent work…expertly photographed…Sid Lucero is simply electrifying, Emilio Garcia is a revelation.¡±

–Oliver Pulumbarit, Philippine Daily Inquirer

“One of the more compelling movies released of late…Villaluna and Ramos know how to frame a shot to catch the viewer’s attention…the cast are at the peak of their acting prowess…the last line (in Selda) still echoes in our head months after the disc faded out.

-Juaniyo Arcellana, The Philippine Star


Separate congressional district mulled for Iligan


A separate congressional district is mulled for this premier industrial city in the south. The measure has already passed first reading at the House of Representatives late last year and is now subjected to a series of public hearings here and in seven towns of Lanao del Norte.

Authored by Lanao del Norte Representative Vicente Belmonte, House Bill 3164 seeks to carve this city out of the first congressional district and stand as an independent congressional district. Currently, the first district is composed of Iligan City and the coastal towns of Linamon, Kauswagan, Bacolod, Maigo, Kolambugan, Tubod and Baroy. Belmonte said slicing away Iligan as an independent congressional district can help fast-track development in the communities of both the city and the seven towns. He particularly cited the availability of a new Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel that can be solely focused on Iligan communities while the PDAF for the first district will now be shared by lesser number of communities.

Belmonte's bill provides that after slicing away Iligan, the seven remaining towns shall be the new composition of the first district.
Created on June 16, 1950 with 44 barangays, Iligan was declared a highly urbanized city in 1983. The National Statistics Office projects the city's 2007 population of 285,061 to grow to 342,087 by 2010.
The 1987 Constitution provides that for a city to become a legislative district, it must have a population of at least 250,000.
As host of Mindanao's principal power generation, Iligan's economy is largely underpinned by the business activities of its industrial locators, foremost of which is the former National Steel Corporation (NSC) now Global Steel.

Although it has suffered from the industrial fallout almost a decade ago, especially when the then NSC closed down, the local economy has recovered. It's businesses also improved. (Ryan D. Rosauro)


In Political Science class, we discussed the possibility of making Iligan a congressional district. It will be very beneficial in the development of Iligan City because of the allocation of the Countryside Development Fund. Most of the CDF for Lanao del Norte is allocated to infrastructures in the rural areas, with projects within the city often being sidelined.

On a contrasting note, those in the coastal towns would be at a weak point since Iligan has been the only place that is vocal against government discrepancies and corruption. Iligan is the voice of Lanao del Norte, and without it corruption in the rural areas may proliferate more.

Compared to Cagayan de Oro, Iligan is a small place. But with development, it might be able to compete with Cagayan when it comes to tourism. It might also be able to attract investors into setting up businesses here. Products are very limited here, and I often find myself traveling an hour and a half to go to Cagayan just to purchase items. More businesses would also mean more jobs for the people here.

The problem with most Iliganons is that they have a voice, but they usually don't act on it. Sigh. Have to collect my thoughts. Will write more about it next time.


Glamourama Model Search

This is your chance to shine! Join the most exciting modeling search in the Philippines today and make your dreams come true. Glamourama! is the quest to discover top models that will be trained and
honed to become among the best in the local fashion industry and at the same time be at par with international modeling standards.

Age - 14 to 28
Height - female 5′7 male 5′8
Citizenship - Open to everyone: Filipino or expats
Experience/affiliation - with or
without modeling experience, must have
no existing contracts from other agencies

* Applicants must submit an Application Form that can be downloaded, or can be requested
via email from the following accounts:
glamourama.upstyle@ and
* Submit Application Form along with 5-10 photos to the same email addresses.
* Deadline of entries will be on April 4, 2008

For inquiries, please call Upstyle
Agency Inc. office at 886-0414 and
look for Charisse or Cheryl.


Update with the Iligan blast

Found a more detailed report about the blast that happened in the Plaza last Sunday Night. I can't even ask the people here because most of the people hardly care about the news. They just go on with their meaningless lives. sheesh. Anyway, here's the article.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Iligan blast injures 6
By Richel Umel and Lino de la Cruz
Lanao Correspondents

ILIGAN CITY -- Police and Army bomb disposal experts have found metal fragments at the public plaza here where an explosion injured six persons Sunday night.
But Supt. Amerodin Hamdag, police director for Operations in Region 10, said nothing is still conclusive yet since the experts will have to examine closely the metal fragments they found Monday at the public plaza.

Hamdag said the experts have brought the fragments to the PNP Crime laboratory in Camp Tomas Cabili in this City. Mayor Laurence Cruz would not say if the explosion was from a bomb or that it was a terror act.
Last Sunday’s explosion came a day before a scheduled protest rally by Maranao groups protesting the inclusion of Lanao provinces in the RP-US Balikatan exercises.
At least six persons, mostly minors, were hurt when an explosion ripped through the public plaza at about 9:30 p.m.,Sunday.
Responding policemen told reporters that the explosion came from an improvised explosive device (IED) wrapped in a pair of pants.
They said the bomb was placed among the furnitures for sale that were displayed in a vacant lot along Aguinaldo corner M. Badelles streets.
A 26-year-old man identified as John Henry Natinga, who was sleeping in a sofa at the furniture shop, was badly injured.
Most of the minors who were injured were promenading near the plaza where an amature singing contest was being held. They were identified as John Anotan Jr, 17; Vic Ravelo, 19; Lovely Rose Tecson, 15; J.R. Pabustan, 15; and Dennis Barot, 17.


I wonder if the usual tambays in the plaza were spurred by this event. Would they still spend time in the plaza? Would people be afraid of going there? Would there be less events held there?

I always frequent the plaza because of the tempura sold there. I find it convenient since a buco stand is just beside them. I can eat tempura and drink buco juice conveniently.


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Be a part of Creative Convergence

Be there. Get connected!
2Talk Creative Convergence happens this February National Arts Month 2008. Music, poetry, live art, impromptus, installations, grafitti, and video-- all happening at Sambalikhaan from February 27 to 29.
Sambalikhaan is part of Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music (AILM), 275 E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City and can be accessed from Trinity College near  St. Luke's Hospital.

The prelude to 2Talk is BULONG on February 16, a night of poetry, music and other performances at the rooftop of Metropolitan Tower 1746 Mabini Street in Malate from 8:00pm to 12:00 midnight. Also preceding 2talk on February 26 is TutoK KARGADO, a group exhibit of  charged works curated by Jose Tence Ruiz will open at the Ateneo Art Gallery at the Rizal Library of Ateneo de Manila University in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

2Talk Creative Convergence will open in Sambalikhaan on February 27, 3:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon with BULL SESSION, a round table talk facilitated by Eileen Legaspi Ramirez, to discuss aesthetics of globalization with visiting artists from Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Canada and other countries and participating local artists from Manila and other regions. February 27 will also open for viewing four converging visual arts projects happening throughout the Sambalikhaan grounds:

ENVIRON.MENTAL STATE is a mapping of site-specific installations curated by Buen Calubayan.

COMMON SPOT is a continuous flow of grafitti art curated by Mark Ramsel Salvatus III.

VISUAL POLLUTION is a bombardment of video art installations curated by J  Pacena II.

SURFACING, a traveling photo exhibit of decaparecidos and their loved ones will also be on display curated by Nino Tagaro and Jes Aznar.

Amongst these activities, buy and sell your art, books, food, and other knickknacks with SURFPLUS SHOP. All projects will feature various local and foreign artists and will be open to the public from February 27-29 at 3:00 to 10:00 pm. 2Talk continues the next day, February 28 with AUTHORIZE EXTREMIST, a series of live art actions by varioul local and foreign artists from 3:00 to 9:00 pm
curated by Racquel de Loyola.

2Talk's closing day on February 29 will commence from 3:00 TO 6:00pm with IMPROMPTUS, an open mike invitation for all sorts of live and impulsive performances curated by JEF CARNAY. By 7:00 to 9:00 in the evening, the creative convergence takes a bow with PASAKALYE, an acoustic concert by musicians paying homage to other artists convened by JL Burgos.

2Talk is presented by TutoK, an initiative of visual artists led by Manny Garibay. The Creative Convergence is directed by Mideo Cruz, and is made possible by the cooperation and contributions of artists, collectors, galleries and TutoK's partner organizations. Talk Creative Convergence. Be there and let art connect us tutoK:2talk creative convergence February 26-29, 2008 bulong a prelude to TUTOK:2TALK creative convergence

organized by bulungan collective
  The Rooftop, Metropolitan Tower
  1746 Mabini Street, Malate, Manila
  February 16, 2008, 8:00pm-12:00mn

opening night: tutok kargado
  tutoK takes on charged works and responses to the gallery collection
  Jose Tence Ruiz
  Buen Calubayan
  Mideo M. Cruz
  Noel Soler Cuizon
  Boy Dominguez
  Alfred Esquillo, Jr.
  Egai Talusan Fernandez
  Karen Ocampo Flores
  Emmanuel Garibay
  J Pacena II
  Kirby Roxas
  Don Salubayba
  Mark Ramsel Salvatus III
  Curated by Jose Tence Ruiz
  Ateneo Art Gallery,
  Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University,
  Loyola Heights , Quezon City
  February 26, 2008, 6:30 p.m.

bull session
  Round table discussion on globalization and altered/alternative aesthetics.
  Featuring local and visiting artists.
  Facilitated by Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez
  Sambalikhaan, Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music (AILM)
  275 E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City
  February 27, 2008, 3:00 to 6:00pm
  tarps and photos: essaying our decaperacidos
  Estan Cabigas
  Enrimand "Manman" Dejeto
  Kenneth Guda
  Diana Moraleda
  Sandino Nartea
  Judy Pasimio
  Joseph Purugganan
  Ilang-Ilang Quijano
  Candice Anne Reyes
  Leonard Reyes
  Dennis Rito
  Marc Talampas
  Jenny Tañedo
  Alanah Torralba
  Curated by Nino Tagaro and Jes Aznar
  Sambalikhaan Grounds
  February 27-29, 2008

environmental state
  installation projects on mental/ecological states
  Clint Catalan
  Rainer Cruz
  Don Dalmacio
  Dondi Fernandez
  Enteng and Dessa Laput
  Leeroy New
  Leobensant Marquez
  Marlon And Kelly Paraganas
  Niel Pasilan
  Alma Quinto
  Oliver Ramos
  Paul Sena
  Angelo Suarez
  Wire Tuazon
  Costantino Zicarelli
  Curated by Buen Calubayan
  Sambalikhaan Grounds
  February 27-28, 2008

visual pollution
  an infestation of (de)synthesized video installations
  Jun Sabayton
  Lea Lim
  Khavn Dela Cruz
  Sig Sanchez
  Jemina Rodriguez
  Elvert Banares
  Treb Monteras
  Jet Pascua
  Ging Flores
  Herbert Commendador
  Ramon Bautista
  Ra rivera
  Curated by J Pacena II
  Sambalikhaan Grounds
  February 28-29, 2008

common spot
  spot-on urban graffiti invades idyllic setting
  Pilipinas Street Plan (Philippines)
  Killer Gerbil (Singapore)
  Gene Pendon (Canada)
  Ebliss (Malaysia)
  BCBrutta (Spain)
  Curated by Mark Ramsel Salvatus III
  Sambalikhaan Grounds
  February 28-29, 2008
  surf plus shop
  artists¹ knickknacks on parade: art, food, books, etc.
  Just bring ur stuff!
  Sambalikhaan Grounds
  February 28-29, 2008

authorize extremist
  live art presentations by local and visiting artists
  Buen Calubayan (Manila Philippines)
  Nick Aca (Cagayan de Oro Philippines)
  Ioana Gergescu (Quebec Canada)
  Jef Carnay (Manila Philippines)
  Noel Cuizon (Manila Philippines)
  Soni Kum (Seoul Korea)
  Shannon Cochrane (Ontario Canada)
  Arai Shin-ichi (Tokyo Japan)
  Mideo M Cruz (Manila Philippines)
  Curated by Racquel de Loyola
  Sambalikhaan grounds
  February 28, 2008 3:00 to 9:00 pm

  open mike for all sorts of live and livid actions
  Curated by Jef Carnay
  Sambalikhaan grounds
  February 29, 2008, 3:00 to 6:00pm

  musicians feting all artists in an acoustic ensemble
  Cynthia Alexander
  Bobby Balingit
  Lolita Carbon
  Jess Santiago
  Aya Yuson
  Curated by JL Burgos and Mavi Deocampo
  Sambalikhaan Amphitheatre
  February 29, 2008 7:00 to 9:00pm

Secretariat: JL Burgos, Buen Calubayan, Jef Carnay, Maoi Constantino, Mideo M Cruz, Noel Cuizon, Cris De Leon, Maan De Loyola, Racquel De Loyola, Mavi Deocampo, Karen Flores, Manny Garibay, Eileen Legaspi Ramirez, Lotsu Manes, J Pacena II, Iggy Rodriguez, Kirby Roxas, Mark Ramsel Salvatus III, Max Santiago, Jose Tence Ruiz, Wesley Valenzuela
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Sam Concepcion is going to my mom's school

I've heard that Sam Concepcion will be visiting various schools in Marikina as part of the DepEd program to encourage students to excel in school. My mom's school is one of the schools he will be visiting.

More about the story here


Pagsabog sa Plaza

Iligan, Philippines

An explosion happened at the old gas station behind the town plaza a few hours ago. 6 people were hurt. It's the area where wooden furnitures were displayed and sold. More about the news here


Above the Fold

Entrecard has helped a lot in delivering traffic to my blogs. Now, here I posted a number of blogs that display their widgets above the fold. This list does not include blogs that load too slow. I used Bendz Linky system in opening them. I grouped them in 10's and arranged them alphabetically so I can index and update them easily. I tried sitehopping and the createlf browser before but I sometimes turn up in a site that has no widget. So I made this list so I know which ones really have their widget on. I wanted to make the links no follow but it's gonna take too much time so I'm posting this now and will edit the links later. You will find that some blogs are separated by a line break    "---". That simply means that the widget is not above the fold and would take 1 or 2 scrolls (using a mouse wheel) to find the widget. More than that and it's off my list. Anyway, I will be adding more if I find them. If you want your card on the list just leave a comment. Have fun card dropping! Happy

Update: Just finished pasting no-follow thingies.

Update: Added a few blogs, removed/moved some.

































































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